Monday, November 30, 2015

Ten Months

Archer:    18lb 12oz (25th)
Andrew:  18lb 11oz (25th)
Alden:     21lb 3oz (67th)

We're still eating purees, but we love eating puffs and cheerios and love to be as independent as possible and eating things like pouches that we can feed ourselves.  We love eating meat - pork is our favorite. Our other favorite food right now is yogurt and peanut butter. We are so happy to not  have any allergies  (or none that we have discovered yet). We eat solids 3x a day and take a bottle 3x a day.  We have rice or oatmeal in our bottles at night and first thing in the morning. We also love trying a bite of table food here and there whenever we are around adults eating (which doesn't happen much at home since our parents can't sit down to eat unless we are asleep). 
Thanks to the warm weather, we eat most of our meals on the porch.
We don't like getting our faces wiped after we eat,
but we sure do love to play with the washcloths.
Size 3s
Alden wears size 4s at night. Archer and Andrew wear size 3 night diapers.
From Premie to 3's. We've come a long way!
Archer and Andrew: 9-12 months
Alden: 9-12 months and 12-18 months

Archer:   4
Andrew: 8
Alden:    7

Ten month highlights, as told by the boys themselves....

 "As soon as my parent's put the gate up, I immediately tried to escape, 
but Dad caught me testing the gate for weaknesses. I LOVE pushing my cart. 
I can race all over the house behind it. I make everyone a little nervous 
when I push it on the tile floor, but I have to learn about falling down at eventually."

 "I had fun wearing my Bama gear all month long and even got to go to my girlfriends', Audrey's and Millie's, birthday party. I like older women, but Dad said this hat made me look too much like a garden gnome.  I also love playing outside on the porch, but Mom has to watch me close or I'll crawl away. I always have to explore and check things out."
 I think balloons are the absolute best thing ever. This balloon was left over from 
my uncle David's 30th birthday party. He's old. I like to get my balloon string and spin in circles on the floor and my balloon always follows me. I also like steal balloon from my brothers and jump on them (the balloons and my brothers).

"I love standing up on holding on to the play yard. That is when I'm not crying for someone to come get me out of it. Seriously, sometimes they forget they left me in here. I love looking at my aquarium toy too."
"Dad brought home a baby doll for his Halloween costume, and I thought
 it was just hilarious. I loved hugging it and playing the drums on it.  
I also love playing in my excersaucer - I'm surrounded by toys, 
I can look out the window, and I have a little stage to jump and dance on."

 "I love laying and rolling around on the floor surrounded by my toys and books. 
I can sit up and even crawl a little, but why bother when I can just lay here and read 
(or throw) my books around. My absolute favorite thing to do is to sit down by a toy bin and pull every single toy out. You've got to have choices. Sometimes though, those pesky toys hide in the bottom of the bin and you really have to work hard to get them out."

"Mom took me to the grocery store for the first time. I wasn't too sure about riding in the cart, so I held on tight the whole time, but I loved looking around and everyone loved my Cubs hat.  I LOVE pulling up the edges of the rubber floor mat, chewing on them, and hitting my brothers with them, gently of course. Mom and I play this really fun game where she reconnects them every night, so I can pull them apart the next day. It's the best."

 "Somehow eventhough Andrew is smaller than me, he has one extra tooth. Oh well, everyone still loves my adorable drooly grin."

 "I'm sure my brothers have told you how much they love pulling out all of the toys and 
playing with balloons. I like to do those things too and at the same time! 
I'm not sure why the grown ups keep putting me in this chair when I clearly do not fit in it anymore. Oh well, they almost always give me food when I'm in here, so I won't complain."

Other highlights...
 Uncle David's 30th Birthday

Audrey (2nd) and Millie's (1st) Birthday
Watching Peppa Pig
Standing at our activity table.
Going to the park!
Getting our pictures made - check out the pics here.
afterwards we just had to play for a while with our ties on and pants off.
Climbing Dad Mountain
Playing on the porch
Jumping with our brothers
Mom got rid of her breast pump, which is great because now she can
chase us around in the mornings instead of having to sit in her chair.
We think she is happy about it.

10 Month Photos

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fall Photos

With the chaos of the holidays, I forgot to share all the great pics from our photo session for the boys with Lisa Rosato!  Check out all her great work here.  She has taken pictures of all the special moments of our lives (see our maternity session and highlights from our other favorite Lisa pics here).  We were moving when the boys turned six months, so we didn't take the traditional six month photos, so we waited until fall and the boys were really sturdy at sitting alone to do pics and also get one for our first Christmas card. Incidentally, we haven't done twelve month photos yet either, so maybe we'll wait until they're all walking :-)