Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Twelve Months


Archer:    20lb 8oz (36th)
Andrew:  19lb 8oz (21st)
Alden:     22lb 11oz (71st)

Archer:    28.5in (7th)
Andrew:  28.5in (7th)
Alden:     29.7in (41st)

Head Size
Archer:    17.75in (21st)
Andrew:  18.5in (75th)
Alden:     18.75in (88th)

Look how much we changed from our 9 to 12 month well visits.
For one thing, we have a LOT more hair.

Archer:    7
Andrew:  8
Alden:     7

We had visits from cousin Knox
We went to the grocery store.
If you're wondering, in the event you have change a diaper (or two) the big cart will fit in the family bathroom.

We took naps with Daddy.
We watched the SEC Championship game at the Madingers.

and Andrew continued to court Miss Millie.

We were sick for a lot of December, just congestion, but it made us lose our appetite all the same.
When we did eat, we insisted on feeding ourselves.

...even if it meant we got messy!
We had such pretty weather, we got to play outside even in the middle of December.

Some days we didn't take long enough naps.
 We crawled all over the place!
We played with (some of) our stuffed animals.
We continued to climb Dad Mountain on a regular basis.
We "helped" mom get ready.
Here's what else we were up to:
    We had a very special first Christmas, check it out here.
    We had a super fun 1st birthday, read about it here.
    And mom got nostalgic about our hospital stay here.

Twelve Month Photos