Saturday, September 27, 2014

Week 21 Update

Bump: Getting bigger (if that is possible). It is so much fun when strangers ask my due date, and I answer February and then pause before explaining there are three in there. My belly button still feels like it is ripping, but it hasn’t popped yet.

These are actually the same PJ's I wore in my 11 week picture - check out the 10-week difference (and that was with my shirt pulled tight).

Cravings: Been cooking a lot more lately – casseroles, soups, etc., still eating Zoe’s whenever I can, and trying my hardest to get all my calories in each day.

Symptoms: I have recently had a lot more energy and have all in all felt a lot better than I did a few weeks ago. Thank goodness because a few weeks ago I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it to December/January. I still have a bit of an upset stomach, but that has also been a lot better (not counting when I accidentally glutened myself Thursday night – it was BAD). Speaking of, I guess I am still a little scattered brained too (because I forgot to check the labels at the grocery store, which resulted in said glutening). Also my hands have been a little swollen/fatter. Some days I can wear my rings and other days I can't (depends on the weather and how much I was on my feet the day before and if I've glutened myself). I got my mom's wedding band from my dad resized to fit my ring finger for days when my ring doesn't fit. It is gold and thick and late 70's awesome.

Activities: This week we stayed home to get ready for back-to-back weekends of travel and company. Jay carefully ticked off my honey-do-list of all the little things around the house that we haven’t finished since we moved in. He is going to be a great Daddy/weekend warrior!  Meanwhile, I worked a couple of shifts at the Upstate Moms of Multiples Club consignment sale. It was great meeting and getting to know several of the ladies better, including three moms of triplets. Yay!  I also got some sleepers and onsies for the boys and a few other needed accessories.  All of that prompted me to organize the nursery. I got all our clothes (from this consignment sale, the sale in Birmingham that mom went to, and gifts from friends) washed and sorted by size and organized the closet and chest. Now we are ready for showers and lots of visiting with family and friends.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Anatomy Scan

This week we had a major ultrasound where they look at everything - organs, size, etc.  It took over an hour for her the ultrasound tech to get all her pictures.  One of the coolest things we got to see was the heart, you can see all four chambers.  One reason it took quite so long is because Baby B (the middle child seeking attention) wouldn’t stop dancing during the proceedings.

The best thing about these scans is that you get to watch your babies for an hour. The worst thing is the tech won’t tell you anything. She does all her measuring and picture taking while you lay/sit there hoping it all looks normal. Then, you wait in the room alone while the doctor looks everything over.

Despite the suspense, we got an amazing report. The doctor literally said, “You are growing three of the healthiest humans we have seen around here in a long time.”  After we managed to maintain our composure and not cry with joy and relief, she proceeded to say that they are all ahead of schedule, which is rare for triplets at this stage (scan was at 20w3d and they all measured about 21w1d).  They all weigh in at 15 oz, so that is almost 3 lbs of baby folks.  They are all transverse, meaning that they are stacked up like they are laying in bunk beds all with their heads on the same end. She also said Robin’s cervix looked strong, a concern for women carrying multiples, so no restrictions. We couldn't have asked for a better report (keep those prayers coming)!

Below are some pics. As they get bigger it gets harder and harder to get clear pics. As you see (stretched out across two cribs and a changing table), they printed off lots of pics for us, but only a few are clear.

 Three Peas in a Pod (aka three heads stacked on top of one another). They are actually separated by sacs and placentas, but you wouldn't know it to look at this picture.

Baby A Profile
Baby A Hand (he was literally waving at us when she snapped this one).
This says Baby Boy, but I am pretty sure that is a Baby Frog instead.

 Baby B feet (pretty much the only clear picture).
Baby C Profile
 Baby C Foot

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Babies' First Bama Game!!!

We had a great time at the Bama game this week (thanks to Dad for the tickets)!  We were thrilled we were able to make it to a game this year, and the SEC opener at home was a great one to go to.  We loved seeing so many friends (it was a mini Sig Ep reunion and of course we spent time with Josh, Rita, and the Turners).  

Things were a little different, for Robin especially.  First off, we had to find a way to limit walking.  We were able to buy a handicapped parking spot in an on-campus lot. And did you know they have game day shuttles? All new to us.

The fun thing about this parking spot was that it was right next to the new (temporary) Sig Ep house, so we got to run inside and take a look at some of these jokers.


All of these boys had way more hair a few years back. And did you know T Hull wore glasses?

Then we headed to good ole Gallette’s to see the crew. Did you know they had seats in there and that they don’t make virgin yellow hammers? Win some, lose some.

On our way into the game, we had to take lots of pictures. Jay was very accommodating during this time :-)

Glad I got my pic made with Gene since he was at the game with the 1964 team being honored.

The first quarter of the game was pretty tough because there were too many turnovers and not enough clouds, but after that things were great. We had great seats and were even able to stretch out a little.

The tide rolled to victory 42-21!  Both Amari and Cooper rose slightly on our name list.

We let the crowd thin before we headed back to the tailgate to see Rita and crew.  It was great to visit with them. Then we caught the last shuttle back to car and fought traffic home with the rest of the state.

So there you have it, the boy’s first Bama game was a success. There were times when we thought we were crazy for braving it all (although not as crazy as Barbie going to Talladega 8 months pregnant with David or Kip going to the Alabama/Auburn game 9 months pregnant with Jay), but it was a great day.