Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Eleven Months

Archer:    18lb 15oz (26th)
Andrew:  18lb 15oz (26th)
Alden:     21lb 8oz (70th)

We are still taking a bottle three times a day and eating solids three times a day. Lately we have loved eating cheese and bananas, both cut up into little pieces we can feed ourselves.

Size 3s

Archer and Andrew: 9-12 months
Alden: 9-12 months and 12-18 months

Archer:  6
Andrew: 8
Alden:    7

We started and ended this month with visits from special friends.
 Auntie Lauren came to Birmingham (from Louisville) for her first Alabama game
so Auntie Nicole came up from Tuscaloosa to have lunch with us. 

 Auntie Cortney (and Uncle Jason) brought Paige and Kate to their first Alabama game, 
so they stopped in Birmingham to hang out with us (and the Cains and Gaines families).

Cousin Knox came to play with us!

 We went to the park to swing!

We went to the library!

We helped Uncle Matt coach John Bryan's soccer game!

And we played and played and played at home.

 In the kitchen...

 Under chairs...
 in things and on top of things...

in the closet...
 on the porch...

 on our double Boppy....

in the bed...
 We woke up like this!

in our playroom...

 in our playyard...
 aren't we cute!
 We had a great Thanksgiving. Check it out here.

After Thanksgiving, we had more special visitors!
Jeremiah, Elizabeth, Jackson, and Celia
Jonathan, Karen, and Kate

Eleven Month Photos