Sunday, May 31, 2015


On May 30, 2015 the boys were baptized at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Birmingham by Reverend Mike Cleckler. Mike also married Jay and I at St. Luke's on May 31, 2008. Afterwards, we had brunch at Mom and Steve's house (across the street from the church). It was a very special day.

Archer, Andrew, and Alden
Parents and godparents with babies
Jacob Archer Ennis with his godparents Elizabeth Mills Price and James Caleb Adair
Andrew Martin Ennis with his godparents Amanda Gail Ennis and Matthew Martin Ennis
Alden Scott Ennis with his godparents Morgan Alexandra Goss and David Scott Parks
The baptism
Archer's baptism
Andrew's baptism
Alden's baptism
Arnold Family 
Parks Family
Gardner Family
Ennis Family
Altar flowers - an arrangement for each baby
The boys' hospital wreath

Four generations
The boys' only living great grandparent

Proud GG
Sweet friends
Aunt Rachel and Uncle Dakota
Stevo and Baba with Cousin Adelia
Aunt Pam
Aunt Tiffany
Mom and Andrew
Happy birthday Jeremiah
Mom and Grandpa
Precious babes "marked as Christ's own forever."

Sunday, May 10, 2015

First Solids

On Mother's Day, the boys had their first "solid" food (aka really watery rice cereal) and hilarity ensued.



We are so excited to try more foods!

Check out our four month update here (better late than never).

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Four Months


Archer:   12lb 4oz 
Andrew:  11lb 13oz 
Alden:     14lbs 2oz

Archer:   23in
Andrew:  23in
Alden:     24in

Archer: Day 130ml, Night 150ml of half breastmilk and half formula
Andrew: Day 130ml, Night 150ml of breastmilk
Alden: Day and night 150ml of half breastmilk and half formula

On April 7, 2015, Alden slept through the night! Also known as from 8 to 5. The other boys soon followed suite and now they sleep from about 8 to 4 consistently. They still eat every three hours during the day, although sometimes they all take a good nap and we go a little longer between feedings. We are so blessed that they have always had their nights and days straight. We are still following the eat-play-sleep pattern during the day. The afternoons are still a really fussy time for us, so we’ve tried putting them to bed a little earlier, which means feed about 7:30 and straight to bed afterwards. At our 4 month well visit, we got the go ahead to start trying some solid foods. Wish us luck?

So now the boys sleep in their own room

Archer and Andrew: size 1s
Alden: 2s.

We still go through a minimum of 18 a day (3 boys x 6 feedings) - although lately it has been about 22 a day. We called Pampers, and they sent us some coupons through their multiples program. While we're on the subject, Similac's multiples program rocks! They sent us three cases (36) of quart size ready mixed formula of our choice and great coupons. I guess if you have twins, you might get two cases, but still an awesome deal.

Archer and Andrew: 0-3 months
Alden: 3-6 months

I wonder if it will always be this way with Alden a size ahead of the other two boys. I follow a couple of triplet mom swap pages on Facebook and they are often selling two 2T items and one 3T item.  I can’t imagine if we had a mix of genders. Then you would be worrying about multiple sizes and multiple genders. We would need more drawer space for sure. 

This month has been all about play, play, play. The boys are staying up longer and doing more along the way. It is so funny how they each have their own little strengths. Alden is great with his hands. He is good at picking up and holding toys now.  Archer has such a strong neck and torso. He loves to stand and is amazing at tummy time, when we can trick him into doing it. Andrew loves to talk and squeal. So many times now his noises have sounded like an answer to a question or an appropriately timed laugh. It is also funny how they all have their favorite seats (Archer – excersaucer, Andrew – crab chair, Alden – someone's lap) and toys (Archer – piano mat, Andrew – O-ball, Alden – O-ball orb or teddy). 

After a feeding they usually start out at one play station like their walkers and excercausers (with books and Bumbos below so they can kick and move since they are just not quite big enough to use them in the traditional way). Then after several minutes they start to fuss and we move to a new spot, like tummy time. That only lasts a few short minutes, so they move to their play mats or their pack and play or Bumbos. They stay up at least an hour from the time they start eating, and then one by one they start to melt down and get swaddled (with one arm out during the day).  Then they nap or sometimes just lay in their rock and plays and swings and look around the room or sometimes cry and demand to be held and/or entertained (but usually the first two). 

Tummy time is a little more tolerable with the double Boppy.
Nap position - our teddy bears from GG help keep our packs in our mouths.

Video games with Daddy and Wrigley
Archer doing some light reading
Andrew LOVES his fist
Alden can sleep anywhere
Alden can sleep anywhere
Bottles and tummy time with Baba
We went to the doctor to check on Archer and Andrew's flat heads.
We're going to see a physical therapist soon.
Dr. Nelson couldn't believe how big we were in their big boy clothes.
Daddy told us all about football on the day of the A-Day game.
When we get fussy, we go to the porch.
When we get fussy, we go to the porch.
When we get fussy, we go to the porch 
(and sometimes take off some of our clothes).
When we get fussy, we go to the porch

Sometimes we go out of the porch even when we aren't fussy 
(mainly so we can wear our awesome sunhats).

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Wrigley standing guard
Sweet brother love
Family outing
Family outing in Archer's hat
Storytime with Daddy

Fun after eating (Andrew loving his fist)

We had lots of new visitors this month, including our first play date!
Raz and Jessee (5 month old twins) came to play.

Raz and Jessee (5 month old twins) came to play.
Uncle David (Alden's godfather came to visit),
but we forgot to get a picture before meltdowns started.
Kylee and Laura (awesome Clemson students)
Alex and Katherine (more awesome Clemson students)

Four Month Pictures