Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nine Months

Archer:    17lb 8oz (15th)
Andrew:  17lb 5oz (13th)
Alden:     19lb 12oz (53rd)

Archer:    27.75in (25th)
Andrew:  26.5in (2nd)
Alden:     28.2in (44th)

Head Size
Archer:    17.25in (18th)
Andrew:  18in (72nd)
Alden:     18.2in (83rd) 
Yes, you are reading this correctly. Andrew's percentiles are 13th, 2nd, 72nd and Alden's are 53rd, 44th, and 83rd. These boys have some huge (adorable) heads. I wish I could post for you now the silhouette of their father when he was in preschool. It was one of the most amazing, hilarious things you have ever seen - just a huge head on a tiny little body. Like father, like sons.

We went to the doctor on their actual 9 month birthday, and got the all clear to start meat, peanut butter, eggs, breads/crackers, puffs, cereal as well as some chunkier fruits and veggies. We came home from the doctor and immediately tried some chunks of bananas and avocados. Both Andrew and Alden were so disgusted by these chunks that they literally gagged themselves. I'm talking full on vomit all over themselves (the same thing happened the next day on Puffs and Cheerios). I guess we will keep pureeing (including our meats) for a little while longer.

Archer and Andrew: Size 2s
Alden: Size 3s

Archer and Andrew: 6-9 months (they can still wear 6 month shorts but that is all)
Alden: 6-9 months and 9-12 months

Archer:    2
Andrew:  6
Alden:     6
That is 14 teeth so far in our house. There are some days/nights when it is clear that their mouth hurts and nothing will make it better, but so far teething has been less painful than we anticipated (ask me again when molars come).


Archer Man
Archer is aptly named because he is always on the go. He is so physically strong. In his efforts to learn to crawl, he has routinely put himself into plank position and stayed there for a minute or more.  He pulls up on everything, including his brothers - much to their demise. Because of his eagerness to get where he needs to go, we have installed a giant baby corral in our living room. We had thought about fencing off their little sunroom, but don't trust him to not bust through the glass doors and windows (not kidding). He also loves to climb his way up into your lap and give hugs or play. He absolutely loves stuffed animals (especially his musical lamb from Uncle Caleb) and will reach out for one and hug and bury his face in them. Archer has also learned to clap and will clap when someone is singing or when you play patty cake with one of his brothers.
Archer in plank position
Archer can't sit still long enough to drink his bottle,
so sometimes this happens.
"If mom won't put clothes on me, I'll just dig through the laundry."

Andrew is such a little doll baby!
If you had told me when he was a newborn that Andrew would be content, a good eater, and an amazing sleeper, I never would have believed you, but it's true.  He is often content playing with a toy or his foot or just rolling around for 30 minutes or more.  He sleeps so soundly that it takes him a little while to wake up, which is a really adorable process. He loves music and loves to drum and bang toys together.  He is the most clingy of the three. He likes to know where you are at all times and can get a little sad if he sees you leave the room. The other day, in the stroller, he kept arching his back to look up and make sure we were still there. At the same time, he will absolutely light up when you come in the room or come home from being gone.  When he gets excited, he sort of breathes in and out really fast and it is just the cutest thing.  He can kick a ball.  He is still our little jabber box.
He does NOT have a love affair with hats.

He does love playing with princess toys at the Madinger's.

Dad, I will never forget that time you trapped me inside a Boppy fort!
Alden has a few new tricks that are just too cute for words.  He dances by just kind of bouncing on his butt, and he does it everywhere - on the floor, in the walker, in his high chair.  He has also started making the cutest expressions (not that he wasn't expressive before), but now he will scrunch his face up when he smiles real big and shows his teeth or he makes a sheepish half smile.  Alden will still just crack up at random times, mainly in response to something his brothers are doing.  Alden also loves to shake his head no.  He tries to shake his head yes, but it ends up going more diagonal than up and down, so he usually just shakes his head no.
 Scrunch faces

Wearing pink glasses at Auntie Allyson's

We had a lot of "firsts" this month

We attended our first birthday party:
Colton turned two!

 So we got to go to the Tuscaloosa Barnyard and wear overalls, which marked our first time in Tuscaloosa (excluding in utero) and our first time wearing overalls.

We celebrated (are celebrating) our first football season:
  Mom and Dad wouldn't let us stay up fir our first ever Bama game, so we pitched a fit!

We love all our cute Bama gear!

 We like watching games outside at Uncle Matt's
 And with Uncle David and Aunt Morgan
We met our first celebrity:

 We went to our first BD conference:
Check out our blog about it here.
We went to the grocery store for the first time:

And to the mall "alone" with Mom for the first time:

 Dad "wore" us for the first time:
Our first time being Gladiators

We got really cultured and went to our first Artwalk...
And coincidentally hung out in an alley for the first time!

...and our first visit to the symphony (at the Botanical Gardens):
And coincidentally dressed exactly alike in public for the first time.

 It was certainly not a "first" but we did play and play and play all month long!
 We're standing!

Morning cuties
Fun with Baba

 We love Elmo and have no shortage of toys.
These all started out in the bins!
Thanks Target for sending "boxed" diapers in a box big enough for all of us to play in.

The boys also turned 35 weeks old this month.
This pic is of them 35 weeks in (don't let that black shirt fool you) and 35 weeks out!

9 Month Pics