Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Our First Christmas

We had such a very special first Christmas and we celebrated in so many fun ways!

We met Santa. We were ok with him, but cousin Adelia was not. 
We loved eating lunch at Vestavia Country Club with Mom, Dad, Baba, Steve-O, Uncle Allen, Aunt Evalouise, and Adelia (6 adults, 4 high chairs).

We went to Zoolight Safari with Colton and his parents (Chad and Nicole). It was our first trip to the zoo, our first train ride, and our first carousel ride.

We even had Christmas fun at home opening goodies from our Advent calendar from Baba.
Like this awesome flashlight Night Before Christmas book

And of course our nativity scene - a new piece every night until Christmas
We celebrated with all of our families.

The Arnolds

Alden and Adelia enjoyed the wrapping!
 And Archer learned about the true meaning of Christmas!

The Ennises

  The Johnsons
 We played in and pushed around boxes all day.

 Some days we were more cooperative for pictures than others.

The Parks

The Gardennismiths
The family present to GG was a family photo session -
here are some highlights of the beautiful pictures. 

Santa's Visit
 Santa came to visit and he even had milk and cookies and watched Die Hard.
We loved opening and playing with our presents.

And the ribbons.
We loved playing in our tent and tunnel most of all.

 Even if Dad was a little sleepy.
And mom bought and made us try on clothes!

We had a wonderful (first) Christmas and hope you did too!