Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Our First Beach Trip

After a whole entire week on the new job, we loaded up the boys and Baba and headed to Destin. We figured we better get down there before we ran out of summer. We were so excited to show the boys the place where we met (sort of) and share some of our favorite activities. Yes, dad did make the boys watch endless amounts of BeachTV. On a side note, when you pack triplets for the beach after your first week on a new job, you may just forget your own toothbrush, hang up clothes, deodorant, and medicine.

We were so excited to make it to the beach and we were really good in the car!

 We loved hanging out under the tent.

And even got in a nap or two.

We may or may not have built this sandcastle.

We don't travel light! We take our mess wherever we go.

On Friday, Jamie and Holly came to visit and meet the boys. On Saturday, Joe, Lindsey, Kace, and Brennan came to visit and swim in the pool with us. We were so excited for the boys to meet our Destin friends that we forgot to take pictures :-(

Archer had his first ear infection while at the beach, 
so we had to go to Urgent Care, but he is still all smiles!

For the first time in recorded history, Jay allowed for the taking of sunset beach photos. Being a father really does change you.
Saturday night, Baba let us have a date night, so of course we went to Buster's (I had ahi Tuna from Bonefish Friday night and raw oysters Saturday night - two things I wanted but couldn't have while pregnant. I was one happy mama).

On Sunday we snuck in just a little more beach time before we hit the road.
 "My dad can put out 30 setups faster than yours can."

 Which of course included more napping!

Aunt Candye came to visit before we left and Pops and GG too!

The boys were grumpy in the beach room, but they'll like it one day!

Baba watched the boys while we packed and
then promised to see us in Birmingham.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Seven Months

Archer:    15lb 15oz
Andrew:  15b 15oz
Alden:     18lbs 3oz

The boys still eat at 7:30, 10:30, 1:30, 4:30, and 7:30. Go ahead and put a big “ish” next to those times because some days we stay completely on schedule and other days we play for 2 ½ hours and nap for 2 more and end up eating 2 hours late. I guess we'll be dropping this third nap in a month or so. At 10:30 and 4:30 we do solids. When we went for their six month well visit the doc said we were ahead of the game when it came to solids, so we will probably stick with twice a day for a while (especially as we get ready to go back to work, I can’t imagine adding in breakfast right now).

Archer and Andrew: Size 2s
Alden: Size 3s

Archer and Andrew: 3-6 and 6-9 months
Alden: 6-9 months

Archer: 0
Andrew: 1
Alden: 2

Our six month well visit (at 6 1/2 months)

This month was a busy one. The boys spent the first few days of their seventh month at GG's (see pics from our fun 4th here), and the next two and a half weeks at Baba's. Right after the 4th we (mom and dad sans boys) went to Greenvile to get all our stuff.  
It was a BIG truck!
Then as soon as our stuff arrived, I had to go to Columbia (South Carolina not South America) for a week of work. 
This is what pumping for a week in a hotel room looks like.
For once I really did need a mini fridge "for medical purposes"
Rather than living alone in a house full of boxes, the boys and their dad stayed with Baba and Steve-O. Then we (we being all 5 of us) might have lingered for a few days longer while we got unpacked because they took such good care of us :-)
Our bath seats fit in the sink too!
We have started "communicating"
Grandmother comes to play with us at Baba and Steve-O's
Archer got his helmet off on July 14th!
Only 8 weeks in the helmet.
We're doing LOTS of rolling lately
Andrew was a little confused about how moving works.
Precious face
Bed head
On the way home from the St. Luke's playground
The boys' room at Baba's house
We are so thankful to Baba and Steve-O
for taking such good care of ALL of us.

Eventually we did get settled in at our NEW home (see pics here). Thanks to a LOT of help from Baba, Grandpa, Grandma, Matt, Amanda, John Bryan, and Will.

John Bryan and Will entertained the boys while we unpacked

Moving with three babies is F-U-N!
Fun with Daddy in our new house!
The Madingers came to visit, so the boys had their first date with Milly and Audrey. Not sure who will fall in love with who, but someone is bound to, right? We are so happy to be back home with friends.
Archer and Audrey shared lovies
Alden showed Milly his car
She's a cutie!
Meanwhile, Jay and Addy played Operation (she's his sweetheart)

Daddy likes to meme-ify our pictures!

Don't worry, we're still adorable in Alabama!
Thanks Aunt Kim VR for our sports shirts!

Seven Month Photos