Thursday, June 4, 2015

Five Months

Archer:    14lb 2oz
Andrew:  13b 10oz
Alden:     15lbs 10oz

Archer: Day 150ml, Night 180ml of a mix of breastmilk and formula
Andrew: Day 140ml, Night 180ml of breastmilk
Alden: Day and night 180ml of a mix of breastmilk and formula

The boys are down to five bottles a day. They are still sleeping really well at night. Inevitably someone (or sometimes somethree) cries out in the night.  Usually someone will wake up a few times between bedtime (after their 7:30 bottle, so 8ish) and 10. Then they usually sleep pretty good til Andrew cries out about 4ish.  We get a few nights with cries at 1 and 6 too. Then they all sleep til about 7ish.  All in all, they are great sleepers, and we are elated that they are sleeping so much better now. Turns out, mommies, daddies, and Babas can function a lot better during the day if they get some sleep at night.
Just a few bibs
We love solid foods. We’ve tried (in this order) rice cereal, squash, avocado, and green beans. We are going to stick with veggies (I know avocado is a fruit, but you know what I mean) for now before giving them really sweet fruits. They LOVE squash and avocado. Andrew doesn’t care too much for green beans by themselves so we mix squash with it. Right now, we only do solids once a day and put rice in their night bottles. I got some really great freezer trays that make 9 2oz servings and some small plastic containers that display the amounts on the side (up to 4oz), so I have been mass producing baby food. Usually I thaw out four of the 2oz servings  to split between them (so 2.66oz each). We’re taking it slow for now and will up it at 6 months with more food and more feedings.

Size 2s
Premie, Newborn, 1s, and 2s
We go through a minimum of 15 a day (3 boys x 5 feedings). That’s a decrease for us, but with solids we have had an increase in poops and an increase in blow outs so lots of in between feeding changes again.
According to Pampers, this is a HUGE box.
According to us, this is a week's worth of diapers.
Archer and Andrew: 0-3 months and 3-6 months
Alden: 3-6 months

Archer and Andrew can still wear 0-3 months, but they are also wearing a lot of 3-6 too. This is partially because we got a TON of cute clothes from Cade (Thanks Lauren!) in that size and Cade has great taste in baby clothes. Alden should be in 6-9 in no time.

The boys have gotten so much better at so many things. They sit up very well propped up in the Boppy or in your lap holding onto your fingers. They have gotten so much better about tummy time. 
Tummy Time
Tummy Time
They are so much better with their hands, which means they love to hold toys and grab onto things. They are also so much more aware of each other. They will watch one another intently and follow one another with their eyes.  Their cutest trick yet is that they hold hands.  I’ve shared before that they all have their own strengths in terms of sitting up, standing, etc.  But after a few weeks go by they catch up to one another. It is so interesting how they develop a slightly different rates, but yet they all stay pretty much in sync. It reminds me not to worry when one of them seems a little behind the others on a certain skill because in a week or two that one could be ahead.

Archer is still our little observer. He loves to watch and take it all in. If he is fussy or tired of playing, I will put him in the kitchen with me and he will just watch me make bottles or cook dinner and smile and smile.  Or if I am feeding solids foods by myself, he is happy to just watch his brothers while in the high chair and wait his turn or hang out after he is done eating. He also gets super excited. If you bring his bottle to him or tickle him or kiss him, he will just kick and kick his legs and grin. It’s too precious.  He still loves to jump and bounce and be active.

Andrew is our little flirt. The minute someone new walks in a room, he just looks at them and grins and turns his head to the side. He is also still our most vocal. He loves to sequel, usually happily, but he also has an angry squeal he can use if he isn’t happy about something. What might be the cutest thing ever, is that he will sort of sing himself to sleep. He does this little hum thing when he is really tired at night, or in the car, or before a nap. He is also our little tapper. He loves to drum on everything, including us and his brothers.

Alden is still our little patient guy although we have recently met Alden’s temper. Alden is usually so content to wait for his bottle, but if he is tired or really hungry he will scream so loud he scares his brothers.  Alden has the sweetest laugh.  If he gets really tickled about something (like kisses, or talking, or putting his foot in his mouth), he will laugh for a minute or more.  Alden has gotten so long that I’m afraid he won’t fit in the rock and play much longer. He has also gotten so strong that he can shake the entire playyard and pull it down.  He is still our little cuddler.  I think Jay put it best when he said “It’s like your shoulder is a puzzle and Alden is the last piece.” He is such a lovey guy.

This month we had a couple of much-needed weekends alone without visitors. We love all our visitors and helpers, but it was nice to have sometime to ourselves with the boys even if it does mean more work for mom and dad. Then we also had a great weekend visit from Pops and Paula.
We celebrated my first Mother's Day at Artisphere
Archer and Mom on Mother's Day
Andrew asleep with his Papa

We have spent some time at the park by our house, which the boys seem to love. We have also spent a little time in the front yard for a change of pace.
Triplet train
Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
In our wagon
Front yard fun!

Front yard fun (in jammies)!
Bath time fun!
Finally, the boys spent nine days in Birmingham for Memorial Day weekend and their baptism.
Archer has poor pre-literacy skills.
Alden playing at Baba's house.
If you spit up on your clothes right before bedtime who knows what Baba will put on you.
Hanging with Steve-O
Hanging with Daddy
Hanging with Mommy
Eating solids with Mom, Baba, and Grandmother
Eating solids with Mom, Baba, and Grandmother
Hanging with Grandmother and Preston
Archer and Andrew went to the church nursery for the first time.
Alden got to go to church with mom and Baba, but he laughed during prayers.
Happy Memorial Day!
Happy Memorial Day!
Happy Memorial Day!
Napping by the pool on a rainy Memorial Day.
Fun in the St. Luke's meadow.
We visited WAD and Buffalo Rock while we were in Birmingham.
We like hanging out in Granpa's office.
We like hanging out in Granpa's office.
We like hanging out in Grandpa's office.
Chair cuties
More playtime at Babas
Alden napping in style
Car ride fun
Car ride fun (Wrigley couldn't decide which seat he liked best)
Car ride fun (notice Andrew is gazing into a little mirror)

We came home just in time to turn five months old and take our five month pics!