Saturday, July 26, 2014

The LAST Shot!

Week 12 marked our FINAL shot of progesterone! We are officially pregnant and no longer fertility patients.
Some of our celebratory pictures:

We ended up with stickers for 142 shots/blood draws and 14 estrogen patches when it was all said and done

Friday, July 25, 2014

Week 12 Update

Bump: See below. Jay said you couldn't see anything so I pulled my shirt tight (Wrigs is also having dinner in the lower left). I had to buy new bras this week (Thanks Aunty Lauren E for the gift card).
[Jay] There are definitely three noticeable bumps.

Cravings: Dairy.
Symptoms: Sooo sleepy. I take a nap every day or God help you if you come across me in the evening when I haven't.
[Jay] God, help me.
Activities: We started off the weekend with a visit from Mom and Grandmother and ended it with a visit with Bo and Regan. Saturday night we watched baseball in the rain. Sunday we had brunch with the whole crew and then went to the park and were generally pretty lazy with Bo and Regan - it was wonderful!
On Wednesday, I had another ultrasound. It is amazing how much things have changed/grown in there :-) All of them were wiggling around, and they actually look a little like babies now instead of just blobs.

All three! It may be the last times we can get them all in one frame.

Close up of Baby A
 Close up of Baby B
 Close up of Baby C

The other major activity of the week has been grant writing and more grant writing, good thing I have an awesome little helper.
[Jay] I can confirm. There's a dog somewhere in this picture.