Monday, May 9, 2016

Fifteen Months

Archer: 22lb 14oz (52nd)
Andrew: 22lb (23rd)
Alden: 24lb 2oz (70th)

Archer: 30.5in (24th)
Andrew: 29in (1st)
Alden: 31.6in (65th)

Head Size
Archer: 18in (20th)
Andrew: 18.75in (73rd)
Alden: 19in (86th)
Our 15-month check-up
Our favorite meals are chicken nuggets, meatballs, quesadillas, PBJ, and fish sticks. We love feeding ourselves veggies - carrots, green beans, peas, and sweet potatoes - and fruits - grapes, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, avocado, and oranges. Our favorite meal of the day is breakfast - we love scrambled eggs and french toast sticks.


Eating Chick-fil-A at the mall with Dada

And again with Baba
Sometimes we eat in a circle...
...and sometimes in a row.
At GG's we eat at a table.
Sometimes we are really messy!
 Like really messy!

So we take a bath!

Size 3s

Archer and Andrew: 12 months
Alden: 12 and 18 months

Archer: 10
Andrew: 10
Alden:    9

In addition to our local visitors, we had some out of town guests come visit:
Aunt Cortney, Paige, and Kate brought baby JR to meet us,
so we got to hang out at Karen's and see Ford and Evie too.

Aunt Kristine, Aunt Lauren, and Cade come to visit from Atlanta so Aunt Nicole and Colton came up from Tuscaloosa to play too. We took our first daytime trip to the zoo!
Archer, Cade, Andrew, Colton, and Alden



We even took them to one of favorite parks!

We love Spring holidays! 

Mom, Baba, and Aunt Nicole celebrated Mardi Gras with Uncle Michael and Dada stayed home with us.

We celebrated Valentine's Day in the emergency room after Archer had his worst choking spell yet, and had to go for a ride with Dad in the ambulance only to be perfectly fine when he got to see the doctor.
 But hey, we got to see Yoda and Archer found Buffalo Rock in the waiting room.
We thanked the speedy firemen and ENT's for coming so quickly.
 St. Patrick's Day was fun! And not to be outdone by last year's cuteness....

Baba got us beard hats!

Easter was awesome! Check out are second Easter blog here.
We are learning new things every day and are always on the go. Check out this Adorable Anecdotes blog to see some of the cute things we did from months 12 to 15.
We like to play in our playtent...

 and our tunnel!

We are outgrowing all of our baby toys!

 But we still get in them every now and then.

 We like to play in our newly expanded play fence.... long as there are people we love in there with us.
Otherwise we might try to break out.

When we break out, we like to get into anything....
... and everything.

Solving the child proof puzzle!

And hang out on the couch like big boys
Just like Daddy!

 We like to brush our teeth.
 And steal credit cards ;-)

And sometimes have tantrums when all we want is our milk, but we are two feet away.
We love to go to Sam's!
And the mall!
And twin birthday parties!
 And music class!

 And ride (and sometimes sleep) in the car!
We like to hang out with our cousins!
And climb stairs (oh my!).
 We love to look out the window!
And go for walks
....especially when the mailman is around.
When we're not learning to walk, we crawl everywhere!
We love to sit in our big boy chair!
And wear sailor hats!
And sleep!

 And celebrate mommy's birthday at a restaurant!

 Hang out with and help grandpa!

 Play, play, play!

Check out this video of our 15 Month Pictures!