Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter 2016

The Tuesday before Easter, mom and dad took us on an outing to see the Easter bunny. 
 It was fun to see the bunny, but the best part was lunch at Chick-fil-a in front of the carousel!

On Easter Sunday, the bunny brought us some goodies, but we were so busy having breakfast and taking a nap, that we didn't get to open them before church.

Baba, Steve-O, Uncle David, and Aunt Morgan all came to church with us at Trinity. The nursery workers said this was our best  week yet, even though we still screamed when we were dropped off. 
 Sometimes we just don't like to cooperate for pictures!
After church, we went to Baba and Steve-O's for lunch with Grandmother, Preston, Aunt Pam, Amy, Anna, Butch, Heather, Byron, Melissa, Emily, Nathan, Justin, Hannah, Austin, and Bella.

We played and played and played!


and Alden napped around!

Then when we got home, after we took our nap, we finally got to open our Easter buckets!

But the buckets were our favorite part!

And then Alden did the most adorable thing ever and pretended to be a bird!

One last does of Easter cuteness - Andrew and his horse!

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