Friday, January 2, 2015

Last Post Before the Boys Arrive

We're writing this form the hospital.... (or I guess I should edit it to say we wrote this from the hospital while waiting on a bed in the operating room. I am now posting it as the boys are 18 days old. Not bad if I do say so myself.)
On Tuesday, December 30, we had back-to-back appointments at MFM and then the OB. Me, mom, and Jay went to MFM first for a biological scan where they check all their vitals. Again, they were looking for several things - movement, fluid in their placenta (i.e., room to grow?), practicing breathing, organs, heartbeats, and the flow of blood from their umbilical cord. Everything looked good except the flow of blood from their umbilical cord to their bodies.  Even though this had improved at our last appointment, it looked like it did on our December 18 appointment where most of the bloodflow was towards their heads (a sign of distress and self-preservation).  The doc said it was about time to call it, but that even without this distress, it was about time anyhow.

When we got to the OB we had to wait forever. The days between holidays are crazy at any doc and they had two women go into labor at the office that morning.  The good news at the OB's office is that I had no protein in my urine and blood pressure was 118/78.  I don't know enough about preeclampsia to know if it commonly goes away (I don't think it does), but I feel so blessed that things calmed down for me and the boys.  When we met with Dr. MacClanehan, she said she didn't want us having the boys over the holiday, but that she didn't want to wait until next week either. She left to check the schedule for Friday. She came back to tell us that our little ones would arrive on Friday, January 2 at 2:30.  She said there were already some procedures scheduled for the morning, and she wanted us to have plenty of time/hands on deck for the procedure.
Checking out at MFM. One of the last few bump pics!
We left feeling a little dazed to say the least. We had a birthday!  We got on the phone and called all the parents and everyone started making plans - Jay's mom flew up, my poor dad gave up his trip to New Orleans and college football playoff tickets (but lets not talk about that).
Mom and I went home and made (I did the sitting parts and she did the standing parts) a ton of gluten free meals to freeze: gumbo, baked ziti, chicken and sun dried tomato pasta, bar-b-que, Mexican casserole, cilantro-lime chicken, chicken and quinoa casserole, and meatloaf.
We had a few other things to distract us from the waiting, including lots of calls and messages to and from loved ones. Jay and I celebrated NYE at Ruth's Chris. We had a giftcard that Kip gave me from graduation that we had never used and we figured what better time for a fancy night out. We made it home just in time to eat our dessert, watch the ball drop, and for me to go straight to bed. On New Year's Day, we did some chores and last minute errands. Then that night Kip, Matt, Dad, and Tracy came over for the Alabama game. We had bar-b-que, greens, peas, and cornbread. We were up late again for the game, but figured that was ok since it would help us sleep in on Friday. I wanted to sleep as late as possible since my C Section is scheduled for 2:30 and I can't eat beforehand.
Fast forward to this morning. Jay and I are at the hospital. We have checked in just got to our bed in the OR prep area. This morning we packed up a million bags and tried to settle Wrigley in as best we can. We even made it here 10 minutes early.  I feel very blessed (and also a little proud) that we walked in the hospital door this morning at exactly 35 weeks without bed rest or any hospital time.
Outside the hospital! No pressure!
Say a prayer for our sweet baby birds.