Friday, April 1, 2016

Adorable Anecdotes

We do some pretty adorable stuff these days - stuff that mom and dad don't ever want to forget (along with some cute pictures, just because).
Blowing Kisses
When I went out of town for work in February, Jay asked what he should teach the boys while I was gone, and we decided he should teach them to blow kisses. When I got back, they had all learned "blow kisses." When prompted, Alden would put his hand to his mouth, but would forget about the blowing part. Archer would put his hand on top of his head and grin real big. Andrew would put his hand to his mouth, pat, and make the "ah ya ya ya ya" sound over and over again. So precious.

The boys have quickly learned to wave and love to wave at everything, although Alden's waves are directed at himself. They are particularly good at waving bye bye and have learned lots of cues that mean someone is leaving, like if you pick up your keys or start to put on your shoes within their eye line, they will start waving and saying bye bye.

Archer, not surprisingly, is our first walker. He walks everywhere and has since about 13 months.  Andrew and Alden are still learning and like to take 3 to 5 steps between mom, dad, Baba, Grandma, Grandpa, whomever is available.  When Andrew and Alden do this, they inevitably get a lot of praise and cheersArcher has quickly learned that he doesn't get the same level of praise he used to now that he has graduated to independent walking, so whenever he sees his brothers get praise for walking between two adults, he immediately comes over and pretends to need the walking support too, just to get the praise. It is hilarious!

In music class we play peek-a-boo and the music teacher always keeps her hand on the sides of her face even after "revealing" her eyes. Apparently the boys really honed in on this part of the game, because more often than not, if you say peek-a-boo they cover their ears. 

Where's Andrew?
We also play peek-a-boo by saying "Where's _____" while their eyes are covered with say a shirt or our hands. Well, we also play a lot of "Where's Mama?" "Where's Archer?" and so on where the boys point to whomever you say.  The boys have gotten really good at pointing to one another and knowing their names as well as their brothers' names. For example, when you say, "Where's Alden?" Alden will point to himself while his brothers point to him too. When you say "Where's Andrew?" Andrew will cover his eyes while his brothers point to him. Hysterical.

Where's Your Bellybutton?
We also like to play a lot of where is this or that body part. The boys are confusing all kinds of things in a most adorable way. They constantly confuse ear and eye and they point to about their sternum if you ask them where their bellybutton is, but hey that's close enough. The bellybutton part is particularly hilarious because if they see even an inch of someone else's (mom's, dad's, another brother) they will attack until they find the belly button, but on them just the general belly area is sufficient.

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